GORSE Morley TSA is committed to developing future leaders at all levels and across all age phases. The GORSE Leaders programmes are designed to ensure outstanding training and development opportunities for colleagues new to middle leadership right up to aspiring Executive Principals.
By providing outstanding continued professional development for all colleagues we are committed to raising the standard and quality of education within GORSE but also on a regional and national scale.

GORSE Leaders: Excellence in Middle leadership

Last year Senior Leaders from across the trust also worked collaboratively to develop a new programme, the Excellence in Middle Leadership programme, and this programme has been further developed by Richard Chattoe and Scott Cosgrove at The Farnley Academy, for participants to actively engage with over the course of the 2016-17 academic year. The Excellence in Middle Leadership programme has four compulsory units: Vision and Action Planning, Understanding data, Professional Development of others and Teaching from the Top. Each module, and the accompanying tasks, have been carefully designed to complement, and link directly, to the on-going work of outstanding middle leaders.

We recognise that middle leaders have an incredibly important remit and impact greatly on our students, parents/carers, colleagues and governing body and therefore we are extremely keen to support them in all aspects of their role. We also recognise, and embrace, that personal professional development and career progression is of great importance and it is therefore important that we seek opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge, confidence and experience required for middle leaders to progress on to the next stage of career.

  • The responsibility for completion of tasks would lie with Middle Leaders and line managers.
  • Reviews will occur from the Teaching School.
  • Once all evidence is completed the award will be accredited.
  • Additional optional modules can be completed in ‘Communicating Effectively with Others’ and ‘Developing Resilience.
  • Each Academy would have an individual to ‘facilitate’ this programme, ideally at Vice Principal level.
  • Each participant will be provided with access to resources and module materials.

Module 1: Defining Your Vision and Planning Strategically

Connect to school/Trust vision and produce a curriculum vision

Identify area to improve within the curriculum/pastoral team

Action plan for the year

Regularly review the action plan and make amendments

Module 2: Driving Improvement Through Data

Understand the current position of the team from Raise data
Develop an understanding of the team in a national context
Develop accuracy of assessment criteria
Complete and record accuracy of assessment checks
Produce and review AP reports
Measure impact of inventions form the AP reports

Module 3: Professional Development of Others

Produce a QA calendar for the year
Conduct QA and as a result develop specific CPD
Measure the impact of CPD by QA
Use line management to develop and hold colleagues to account
Observe and give feedback out of curriculum specialism

Module 4: Teaching from the Top

Model and share best practise
Establish a lesson study model within a team
Share key documents that exemplify excellence
Develop and lead on examination rubric
Measure the impact of outstanding teaching
Embed SMSC/MBV within teaching