Engaging in research is empowering. It provides opportunities to find out what really works, and greater opportunities to ensure all students fulfill their potential.

Just the very process of engaging in research can improve student outcomes. This is illustrated well through Professor Mary James’ research, which found that: “Teacher learning is a necessary condition for pupil learning, and therefore the development of supportive professional cultures within which teachers can learn is vitally important.”

The GORSE Centre for Education Research, in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University, provides opportunities for all professionals across the Trust to ensure their practice is evidence informed, and therefore help to further improve student outcomes.

What we do

The centre works hand in hand with the leaders of Teaching and Learning across the Trust to ensure CPD is underpinned by robust pedagogy and relevant research.

Additionally, the centre serves as an information source for any professional developing new strategies, or wishing to improve their pedagogical understanding of a particular area. Requests for information should be made to [email protected].

A research resource library is available to all colleagues, and is based at The Farnley’s Academy Learning Resource Centre.


The GORSE Centre for Education Research was established in 2015 to:

  • provide structure and space for thinking, experimenting and reflecting;

  • empower teachers through increased professional learning;

  • provide a platform for the collation and sharing of best practice;

  • and use evidence to inform our practice.

– as we believe this will enable us to further improve educational outcomes.

Raise awareness

All Trust colleagues receive half termly ‘Research and Reflection’ bulletins; research articles and questions for discussion in subject meetings; research-focused staff briefings and CPD events. A wealth of information can also be accessed via this website.

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Useful Documents
Core Guide to Education Research


All colleagues are invited to run their own educational inquiries. This can range from an inquiry into how to build independence in English lessons to an exploration of the impact of meta-cognition in Maths, and everything in-between. If you are interested in conducting your own inquiry please email [email protected].

Several larger projects run each year across the Trust and we also hope to work with a range of organisations to help facilitate their research projects.

You can find information on all our projects here.